Why Host?


Accommodating guests and sharing in their journey is wildly gratifying. We are building a community of hosts who genuinely care about providing a wonderful experience for guests, and consider the money a secondary benefit.


You are in control; you can choose whom you host and when you would like to host. It’s your home/property, you set the rules.



What is expected of you as a host?


Access to a bathroom! – We ask that you provide your guests with access to a restroom.


Ensure that your listing’s photos, offered amenities, and all other informative information accurately reflect the listing the guests will experience.


Be sure to fill out your profile and take quality photos! People love to know whom they will be staying with and what they should expect.




We recommend charging about $30 per night for 2 adults. You can charge an additional $5-$7 for any additional adults. (This is how we do it at the family campground)